Examples of captioned irony abound. Here’s another one, this time from Jurassic Park 2:The Lost World. In this example, a baby Tyrannosaur is transported in a vehicle past a man who hears a strange sound (“Tyrannosaur Wailing”) and asks, “What the hell was that?” The example is ironic for both caption and non-caption viewers, who know something that the man does not: There’s a baby dinosaur in that car!

Unlike the example from Inception, however, this example does not necessarily offer evidence of the unique role that captions play in motivating an ironic perspective, simply because hearing (sans captions) viewers are equally aware of the ironic nature of the man’s question. Still, it’s reasonable to see the captioned reminder (“Tyrannasaur Wailing”) as reinforcing the ironic perspective, because it immediately precedes the man’s question.

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