A frame from Rick and Morty featuring Jerry driving his car enjoying 'human music.' The simple three-note sequence is represented on the back of Jerry's car seat, which is transformed in my custom captions into a piano keyboard.

Published: Designing Captions — A new article on enhanced captioning

Check out my new article on enhanced captioning, just published in Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedaogogy (23.1, 2018).

Read the full article: “Designing captions: Disruptive experiments with typography, color, icons, and effects.”

Here’s the abstract:

In this webtext, I experiment with novel forms of audiovisual accessibility. Enhanced captioning (also called kinetic, embodied, integral, dynamic, and animated captioning) offers radical alternatives to the taken-for-granted landscape of captioning and sonic accessibility. It disrupts norms and asks us to imagine different disability futures. By blending form and meaning, enhanced captions become integral components of the creative text instead of add-ons or afterthoughts. At the least, they force us to reflect on the problematic relationships between programs and captions, producers and captioners, and how we might bring them closer together.