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Speaker IDs
Humanizing nameless speakers

Humanizing nameless speakers

Speaker IDs can humanize nameless characters...
Captioned irony: How captions manipulate narrative time and viewers' knowledge

Captioned irony: How captions manipulate narrative time and viewers’ knowledge

Inspired by the notion of dramatic irony, I offer a definition of "captioned irony."
If it weren't for Speaker IDs, I'd have no idea what's going on

If it weren’t for Speaker IDs, I’d have no idea what’s going on

An analysis of one scene from Moon (2009) starring Sam Rockwell. The scene's captions make use of Speaker IDs to identify speakers who are off-screen. But in doing so, the Speaker IDs fill in a major piece of the narrative puzzle.
Caption space is precious. Don't waste it.

Caption space is precious. Don’t waste it.

Speaker IDs are only necessary when it's not clear visually or from the context which person is speaking. A Speaker ID is not needed in this Windows 7 commercial.
Overcaptioning: Which sounds are significant?

Overcaptioning: Which sounds are significant?

Which sounds are significant? How does the captioner choose which sounds to caption? Are some captions unnecessary? Why isn't it possible to caption every sound in the environment?
If movie characters could read closed captions...

If movie characters could read closed captions…

Caption users sometimes know what’s happening before the characters themselves. In this way, captions tell the future.